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These organizations came together after Genevieve Dew, (LLD Board President) and Robert F. Smith, became friends. Genevieve invited Robert and a few of his friends to come to Las Vegas for the premiere of a documentary by Vegas PBS highlighting Life Long Dreams. After viewing Our Chest of Dreams, Robert knew he needed to align himself with LLD and work together to help kick-start them to another level. As a result, Robert is bringing high-level energy and creativity to enhance the “This Is Us” gala, which allows him to continue his passion to do intentional acts of kindness.

As an exciting part of This Is Us, Kermit the Frog will lead the audience in an attempt to break the world record of the most amateur puppeteers performing at once. An application has been submitted to the Guinness World Book of Records for verification. Two weeks later, Robert will begin the 450 mile Kindness Walk from Long Beach to Las Vegas between October 19, 2018 to November 20th. As part of the Walk, Robert will stop to honor Veterans in every city along the way.

The Kindness Walk is part of the Little Green Apples Project that was created by Robert F. Smith a few years ago. ( This non-profit’s mission is to do intentional acts of kindness throughout the country, with a special focus on veterans and children with life-threatening challenges. To this date, he has helped other non-profits through donations of products and services. Examples of this are: The Ronald McDonald House; Boys & Girls Club; Children’s Miracle Network, and he helped raise funds that saved the home of a gentleman who could not work because of stomach cancer. Robert is currently assisting Tyler Renfro, a boy who has severe autism and diabetes, to secure a support dog that is specifically trained for Tyler’s challenges. The Kindness Walk is also the platform to help make that happen.

For more information about Robert’s and Little Green Apples Project please visit:

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