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Our Summer Media Arts Workshop will be open from June 12th to July 19th of 2018. Class days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am-1:30pm. This course will be oriented for high functioning special needs students.. In Life Long Dreams Summer Media Arts Workshop they will have the experience to learn and understand how to visually tell a story. This course will include: HD camera operation, Sound recording, video editing, lightning, Graphics , video publishing for the web and DVD production. Don’t ,miss this great opportunity and call us today to get enrolled.

Program coordinator:
Danny TItus
[email protected]

Life Long Dreams Hosts it’s 1st “Light it Up Blue Party”  Saturday April 7th

Life Long Dreams Hosts it’s 1st “Light it Up Blue Party” Saturday April 7th

You are invited to attend our Open House "Light It Up Blue" Party on Saturday, April 7th, from 12:23 pm - 3:30 pm at:

Life Long Dreams,
700 E. Saint Louis Ave,
Las Vegas NV, 89104.

Wear something blue, bring something blue to eat, bring something blue to drink.
Check out our Dance Class, Vocal Class and Art Class.

Watch or join in and have a great day!

Corpus Christi Bomb Squad in action with Special Needs kids in Easter Egg hunt.

Corpus Christi Bomb Squad in action with Special Needs kids in Easter Egg hunt.

It is well know that the men and women of law enforcement have done an amazing job at protecting and serving our community.
Now we see more and more a positive and viral interaction within our communities. We have seen street basketball games, mentorship programs for at risk-youth and special needs children and adults are not an exception.
In collaboration with the Southern Texas Lighthouse for the Blind, The Corpus Christi Bomb Squad used their special skill set to create a device for kids who are visually impaired. The devices are placed inside brightly colored eggs, making them easy to identify and hear since it transmits a beeping sound that helps the kids to find the eggs.
For 5 years this inspiring fun event has brought many smiles and inspiration to those children and their families by creating an opportunity that many would not have.
As many of you know Life Long Dreams participated in the Sunshine Nevada organizations 4th annual Hop and Bop Easter Egg Hunt providing the parents and children of our special needs community a unique experience to fellowship with each other and explore the resources available to them.
It is my hope that this article will inspire our readers who would like to attend and participate next year.

To access the full story click here.

To find out more about how to help Life Long Dreams  click here

NBC NEWS “Texas bomb squad makes Easter egg hunt for visually impaired kids”,, MSN News, March 29,2018

20th Annual Las Vegas Spring Swing!

20th Annual Las Vegas Spring Swing!

In Loving Memory of Cindy Serniak

Life Long Dreams and Southwest Airlines Employees will be working very hard this year to continue to raise much needed funds for Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and Life long Dreams Charities. Las year $20, 000 was raised for our local charities.

We are requesting prizes to be used for distribution to the 144 golfers that will be playig in this year’s event. Any donations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If you can find it in your hearts to be part of this worthwhile event we are accepting gift cards, gift certificates and items to create gift baskets.

The deadline for all donations is March 30,2018.

All donations are tax deductible.

 For more details please contact:
Danny Titus 
Southwest”s 20th Spring Swing for Life Long Dreams

Southwest”s 20th Spring Swing for Life Long Dreams

Southwest’s Spring Swing is celebrating their 20th annual golf tournament. This year Southwest is celebrating going to Hawaii so come with your best Hawaiian look. Also this year Southwest will benefit Life Long Dreams as one of Las Vegas local charities. After the tournament there will be a raffles and other activities, don’t miss this.
If you are planning on playing or bringing your team, here is the registration link. Sign Up Today!

If you are interested in supporting us with this event contact:

Danny Titus

7:00am: Registration Begins
8:30am: Shotgun Start

1911 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

4th Annual “HOP & BOP”


Sunshine Nevada Organization is celebrating their 4th annual Hop & Bop Easter Egg Hunt and Life Long Dreams will be there. Please stop by our booth, say hi and get to know us. Hop & Bop is an event that exist to provide children with special needs and their families a fun celebration in a safe and accepting environment. The admission for this even is free too all children with special needs and their families.

RSVP link


You can always give by being there with us assisting us in any task needed in order to achieve this evetnt.

Call us for details at: 702.415.8184

Meet Julia, the new Muppet

Meet Julia, the new Muppet

“Autism can’t define me. I define autism.”

Kerry margo

In the first episode, Julia experiences a bit of a glitch while meeting Big Bird. When the two are introduced by their pals Abby and Elmo, Julia is hesitant to shake Big Bird's hand. He us sad and worried that Julie doesn't like him , but Elmo explains that Julia has autism so she "does things a little differently" and that is O.K.

By: James St. james

Our “Chest of Dreams” Wins 3 Telly Awards

Our “Chest of Dreams” Wins 3 Telly Awards

Life Long Dreams wish to congratulate PBS Las Vegas for their recent accomplishment with their documentary ” Our Chest of Dreams” where our only special students were there the main stars. We are grateful beyond words for all the support that PBS put into this project. This documentary has impacted in such of positive way the life of those in the documentary as well as the life of so many parents, organization and more importantly more Special Needs with a Dream. We have help to creates awareness,. inclusion, and education about how far a talented  special needs individuals can go and how how important is for us as well as for the families and friends to provide our students with all of the tools they need for their development. You can find the link here. To learn more about this you can visit the link below.


To Watch Our Chest of Dreams click here:

More than a Behavioral Care Center


Life Long Dreams shares a lot of characteristics to be considerate a “behavioral center” since it has adopted activities to rehabilitate and enhance the mental health and lifestyle of others; however as a non-for profit organization their vision has taken them to come up with plans and interactive activities that brings positive results without the use of heavy medications.



Music Classes

The benefit of music in special needs individual can be a huge game changer since music does affects the mood in human beings. Even though A.D.H.D was defined by name in 1987 by the APA (American Psychological Association), many public figures did show behaviors and symptoms that we associate with ADD, ADHD and OCD. Within the list we find: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Eistein. These days we have important main stream popular artist who achieved their goals such as the 10 times Grammy Award winner Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine and the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

special needs with talents dancing

Dance Classes

Dancing is a physical enjoyable activity. In Life Long Dreams the group dance classes are truly fun, interactive and inclusive. The instructors are 100{4231b79c0968d9293bfe615378942d2c229353d24110317a5286829d70c84a37} on top of their game when it comes to be patient, inclusive and passionate. Honestly speaking during my first two years experiencing what this students can do, I cam to the conclusion that Life Long Dreams’s student performance would move any heart on earth . Life Long Dreams don’t waste an opportunity in helping individuals who have socio-emotional disorder, physical difficulties, sensory processing disorder or attention disorder to mention a few and the dance program is a great option.

 Graphic and Web Design

We can’t deny that technology is a common factor in the addiction to mobile devices and computers that our society suffers these days but, that applies to everything that we use and/or abuse but, the truth is different for special needs individuals since big software designers are making their product accessible to all public. I’m referring to the use of some media and technology that works with dashboards and universal access functions such as: speech recognition, screen reading tools, text to speech etc. Understanding then that technology is not a barrier for anyone then Life Long Dreams is there to train and help in these areas.


Photography and Digital Film

Photography and Film take more that just good acting or directing. This art branch involves a lot of critical thinking and most motor skills so there is room for everyone, it doesn’t matter what the limitation may be these areas will need all of the team members and elements that requires to make it happen in real life. Life Long Dreams is proud to present Juan Perez’s film “Secrets” in November 18th. You can buy your tickets here.

video prod

Mentor a Special Talent

As individuals who have either a special need relative, friends or work in the field, often we tend to ask ourselves: “how can I help more and how can I be more effective helping a special need individual?” Well, in this short article you may find some important tips that will improve your ideas to reach your goals of becoming a better “Angel of Dreams”. Since the late 1990’s the special needs students educational options have dwindled and their options in the workforce have grown, allowing thousands of special needs individuals to function within our society instead of living segregated and cast out like in the 70s. I have had the opportunity as a professional musician, music instructor and designer to observe and understand more the needs of my students at Life Long Dreams. For all my internal and external sources , I will always advice to support and push Life Long Dreams mission in Las Vegas  since they provide all the tools needed for any special need in our community  to be successful through Music, Design, Art and Technology. Please feel free to share your thoughts about how can a special need individual’s life can be supported to achieve their dreams in life.  

Be Observant and Active Listener 

Observing allow us to understand and spot any individual sensory input. It helps us to identify happiness, frustration, discomfort and many more things. Observing doesn’t have to become in an overprotecting shield; however, that may vary in case by case basis but, for sure observing will help you to apply your common sense in order to find your routine with your special need friend as well as understanding what is best for you to spot his or her needs. 


A positive attitude is one of the most important things that you can have with a special need. Giving a sense of inclusion, belonging and understanding is always very important for a special need and your energy toward them will define and help others to understand them and follow your example. As well as a clear communication is important for their better understanding, keeping the joy, the patience and the respect will always work in everyone’s favor. 


When it comes to visual art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, designing and more, we have our brains in a full concentration mode. At that point our brain, body and soul are inner-connected allowing the brain to exercise its imagination, experimentation and emotions. On the other end we can’t ignored the physical activity where coordination and motor control are so important. All of those things affect in the cognitive development of any child and yet never late for any adult. 


Music affects the brain in many positive ways and it has been proven that through listening to music we do absorb a good chunk of information that makes us better listeners and smarter. Also, music enhances the communication and reading skills whether you are the composer, the performer or the listener. In this topic keep in mind that music is a universal language and with that being said: it is important that we acknowledge the cognitive effects of music in any special need that we may be inter maintaining a positive music content when we are working with certain special needs individual. A good example of what I am explaining is that science has proven that more people improve their mood with upbeat music and mid to slow beat music tends to reduce stress and increase inner-peace.