Corpus Christi Bomb Squad in action with Special Needs kids in Easter Egg hunt.

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It is well know that the men and women of law enforcement have done an amazing job at protecting and serving our community.
Now we see more and more a positive and viral interaction within our communities. We have seen street basketball games, mentorship programs for at risk-youth and special needs children and adults are not an exception.
In collaboration with the Southern Texas Lighthouse for the Blind, The Corpus Christi Bomb Squad used their special skill set to create a device for kids who are visually impaired. The devices are placed inside brightly colored eggs, making them easy to identify and hear since it transmits a beeping sound that helps the kids to find the eggs.
For 5 years this inspiring fun event has brought many smiles and inspiration to those children and their families by creating an opportunity that many would not have.
As many of you know Life Long Dreams participated in the Sunshine Nevada organizations 4th annual Hop and Bop Easter Egg Hunt providing the parents and children of our special needs community a unique experience to fellowship with each other and explore the resources available to them.
It is my hope that this article will inspire our readers who would like to attend and participate next year.

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