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As individuals who have either a special need relative, friends or work in the field, often we tend to ask ourselves: “how can I help more and how can I be more effective helping a special need individual?” Well, in this short article you may find some important tips that will improve your ideas to reach your goals of becoming a better “Angel of Dreams”. Since the late 1990’s the special needs students educational options have dwindled and their options in the workforce have grown, allowing thousands of special needs individuals to function within our society instead of living segregated and cast out like in the 70s. I have had the opportunity as a professional musician, music instructor and designer to observe and understand more the needs of my students at Life Long Dreams. For all my internal and external sources , I will always advice to support and push Life Long Dreams mission in Las Vegas  since they provide all the tools needed for any special need in our community  to be successful through Music, Design, Art and Technology. Please feel free to share your thoughts about how can a special need individual’s life can be supported to achieve their dreams in life.  

Be Observant and Active Listener 

Observing allow us to understand and spot any individual sensory input. It helps us to identify happiness, frustration, discomfort and many more things. Observing doesn’t have to become in an overprotecting shield; however, that may vary in case by case basis but, for sure observing will help you to apply your common sense in order to find your routine with your special need friend as well as understanding what is best for you to spot his or her needs. 


A positive attitude is one of the most important things that you can have with a special need. Giving a sense of inclusion, belonging and understanding is always very important for a special need and your energy toward them will define and help others to understand them and follow your example. As well as a clear communication is important for their better understanding, keeping the joy, the patience and the respect will always work in everyone’s favor. 


When it comes to visual art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, designing and more, we have our brains in a full concentration mode. At that point our brain, body and soul are inner-connected allowing the brain to exercise its imagination, experimentation and emotions. On the other end we can’t ignored the physical activity where coordination and motor control are so important. All of those things affect in the cognitive development of any child and yet never late for any adult. 


Music affects the brain in many positive ways and it has been proven that through listening to music we do absorb a good chunk of information that makes us better listeners and smarter. Also, music enhances the communication and reading skills whether you are the composer, the performer or the listener. In this topic keep in mind that music is a universal language and with that being said: it is important that we acknowledge the cognitive effects of music in any special need that we may be inter maintaining a positive music content when we are working with certain special needs individual. A good example of what I am explaining is that science has proven that more people improve their mood with upbeat music and mid to slow beat music tends to reduce stress and increase inner-peace. 

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