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Life Long Dreams shares a lot of characteristics to be considerate a “behavioral center” since it has adopted activities to rehabilitate and enhance the mental health and lifestyle of others; however as a non-for profit organization their vision has taken them to come up with plans and interactive activities that brings positive results without the use of heavy medications.



Music Classes

The benefit of music in special needs individual can be a huge game changer since music does affects the mood in human beings. Even though A.D.H.D was defined by name in 1987 by the APA (American Psychological Association), many public figures did show behaviors and symptoms that we associate with ADD, ADHD and OCD. Within the list we find: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Eistein. These days we have important main stream popular artist who achieved their goals such as the 10 times Grammy Award winner Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine and the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

special needs with talents dancing

Dance Classes

Dancing is a physical enjoyable activity. In Life Long Dreams the group dance classes are truly fun, interactive and inclusive. The instructors are 100{4231b79c0968d9293bfe615378942d2c229353d24110317a5286829d70c84a37} on top of their game when it comes to be patient, inclusive and passionate. Honestly speaking during my first two years experiencing what this students can do, I cam to the conclusion that Life Long Dreams’s student performance would move any heart on earth . Life Long Dreams don’t waste an opportunity in helping individuals who have socio-emotional disorder, physical difficulties, sensory processing disorder or attention disorder to mention a few and the dance program is a great option.

 Graphic and Web Design

We can’t deny that technology is a common factor in the addiction to mobile devices and computers that our society suffers these days but, that applies to everything that we use and/or abuse but, the truth is different for special needs individuals since big software designers are making their product accessible to all public. I’m referring to the use of some media and technology that works with dashboards and universal access functions such as: speech recognition, screen reading tools, text to speech etc. Understanding then that technology is not a barrier for anyone then Life Long Dreams is there to train and help in these areas.


Photography and Digital Film

Photography and Film take more that just good acting or directing. This art branch involves a lot of critical thinking and most motor skills so there is room for everyone, it doesn’t matter what the limitation may be these areas will need all of the team members and elements that requires to make it happen in real life. Life Long Dreams is proud to present Juan Perez’s film “Secrets” in November 18th. You can buy your tickets here.

video prod

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